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Hassle-Free Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-Construction cleaning ensures your property is presentable for potential buyers or renters. Dominion Cleaning Services LLC is here to help tidy up your property and eliminate debris and any residue from the grueling construction process, leaving your residential or commercial spaces as clean and well-maintained as possible. Allow our cleaning company to refresh your buildings, leaving them spotless by the end of your service. 


Contact Dominion Cleaning Services LLC for any of your new construction cleaning needs in Richmond, VA. 

Under Construction

At Dominion Cleaning Services LLC, we pride ourselves on professional new construction cleaning services for newly developed residential and commercial properties. Developers never have to worry about the maintenance of their structures with the assistance of our staff, who are readily available to perfect your buildings at a moment's notice. We guarantee high-quality results with each appointment, regardless of your property's size.

New Construction Cleaning


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